The office of the KOMO Foundation

KOMO fulfils an axial role within certification in the Dutch building and installation sector. KOMO’s most important tasks are:

  • Coordination;
  • Monitoring of the quality of KOMO assessment guidelines and KOMO quality declarations;
  • Expansion of KOMO scopes;
  • Increasing the added value of KOMO quality declarations;
  • Communicating and promoting the KOMO mark.

KOMO Foundation undertakes these activities in cooperation with KOMO partners and KOMO licensees. KOMO can therefore work efficiently and decisively, with a small staff of dedicated office employees.

KOMO Foundation staff

The following employees man the KOMO office:

  • Lodewijk Niemöller (director)
  • Jan van Soeren (quality manager)
  • Paul van Lierop (policy management)
  • Annelies Schulten (management assistant)
  • Olga Beijeman (management assistant)

Do you have questions or suggestions? Send them, preferably by e-mail, to: You may also contact us by phone or by post. Our contact details are: 

Stichting KOMO
Postbus 420
The Netherlands
Ph. + 31 (0)85 - 486 2420 

De markt over KOMO

Henry Meijdam
Henry Meijdam, Voorzitter stichting KOMO Consument heeft behoefte aan kwaliteitscontrole